Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 25VII/1 — víf ‘wife’

Göfugligt guðs víf
giefr fyrir utan ef
hófi hægt líf;
heimar skiftuz klerk þeim.
Síðan undir sátt bauð
sættandi fljóð* mætt,
að hann rietti ráð sitt;
rausnar var það fögr lausn.

Göfugligt víf guðs giefr fyrir utan ef hægt líf hófi; heimar skiftuz þeim klerk. Síðan bauð mætt, sættandi fljóð* undir sátt, að hann rietti ráð sitt; það var fögr lausn rausnar.

The glorious wife of God [= Mary] grants [the man] without doubt a pleasant life according to his ability; worlds were exchanged for that cleric. Then the splendid, reconciling lady stipulated in accordance with the reconciliation that he should mend his ways; that was a fine redemption of esteem.


[1] víf guðs ‘wife of God’: For an analysis of such references to the Virgin Mary, see Schottmann 1973, 92-4.




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