Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 19VII/7 — prýddr ‘adorned’

Árum veitti annsvör
unnandi miskunn;
heldr verndar meyin mild
merkiliga sinn klerk.
Ræðir svá rík brúðr:
‘Rietta hefir yðr stiett
dáðum prýddr Dávíð
diktað, er hann saung slíkt:

Unnandi miskunn veitti árum annsvör; mild meyin verndar klerk sinn heldr merkiliga. Rík brúðr ræðir svá: ‘Dávíð, prýddr dáðum, hefir diktað yðr rietta stiett, er hann saung slíkt:

Loving mercy gave answers to the messengers; the gentle Virgin defends her cleric quite remarkably. The mighty bride speaks thus: ‘David, adorned with accomplishments, has prepared the right path for you when he sang like this:



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