Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 14VII/6 — gat ‘could’

‘Hvessu máttu í hendr oss,
himiríkis frú slík,
þennan eigna þier mann?’
þverinn mælti kvalaherr.
‘Fleygir gjörði fjarðlogs
flest, þar er hann gat vest,
svá var hann saurlífr
syndafullr og harðlyndr.

‘Hvessu máttu, slík frú himiríkis, eigna þier þennan mann í hendr oss?’ mælti þverinn kvalaherr. ‘Fleygir fjarðlogs gjörði flest, þar er hann gat vest; hann var svá saurlífr, syndafullr og harðlyndr.

‘How can you, such a lady of the heavenly kingdom [= Mary], appropriate for yourself this man against us?’ said the obstinate torment-army [DEVILS]. ‘The flinger of the fjord-flame [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] did the most where he could do the worst; he was so depraved, sinful and ruthless.



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