Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 10VII/8 — teliz ‘be counted’

Síðan er hann sökk niðr
sektarfullr og varð drektr,
kraup hann kafadjúp
kaldr eftir liðinn aldr.
tr, þegar líf þraut,
lokkandi djöfulsflokkr;
fjandr gripu fast önd
fleiri, en teliz þeir.

Síðan er hann sökk niðr, sektarfullr, og varð drektr, kraup hann kafadjúp, kaldr, eftir liðinn aldr. Lokkandi djöfulsflokkr lítr, þegar líf þraut; fleiri fjandr, en þeir teliz, gripu önd fast.

After he sank down, full of guilt, and was drowned, he crept through the plunging depths, cold, after his departed life. An enticing devil-crowd sees this, as soon as life ended; more fiends than can be counted gripped his spirit firmly.



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