Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv II 14VII/6 — vón ‘to be expected’

Hreina vildu huggan
henni veita staðarmenn;
eingi mátti auðspaung
eina finna feginsgrein.
Sat hun upp og sárt griet
sonar — þess er mikil vón
dauða, unz dagr leið
dróttum, en kom nótt.

Staðarmenn vildu veita henni hreina huggan; eingi mátti finna auðspaung eina feginsgrein. Hun sat upp og griet dauða sonar sárt — er mikil vón þess —, unz dagr leið dróttum, en nótt kom.

The townspeople wanted to offer her pure consolation; nobody could find one reason for joy for the wealth-clasp [WOMAN]. She sat upright and wept for the death of her son bitterly — which is certainly to be expected — until the day wore on for people, and night came.


[6] þess er mikil vón ‘which is certainly to be expected’: Lit. ‘there is great expectation of that’. Vón ‘expectation’ takes the gen. For the rhyme -on- : -ón-, see Note to 8/2 above.



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