Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv II 12VII/7 — bani ‘death’

Unnandi eitt sinn
að jóði sínu liek fljóð;
sjúkan kendi hun sárleik
sveini gjöra lífsmein.
Sútafull í sitt skaut
svanni lagði mög þann,
svá að barni bani forn
búinn þótti vera nú.

Eitt sinn liek unnandi fljóð að jóði sínu; hun kendi sjúkan sárleik gjöra sveini lífsmein. Sútafull svanni lagði þann mög í skaut sitt, svá að forn bani nú þótti vera búinn barni.

One time the loving lady was playing with her child; she noticed a sickening pain harming the life of the boy [lit. causing the boy life-harm]. Full of worry the woman laid the son on her lap, while old death now seemed to be ready for the child.


[7] forn bani ‘old death’: This might refer to the devil (see LP: 1. bani).



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