Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv I 22VII/2 — af ‘with’

Enn gjörðu þeir annan
eld af harmi sveldir,
hyrjar, miklu meira,
mein bjóðandi fljóði.
Svá var æsilig eisa
elds, að hringa þellu
bandið hvert af brúði
brennr, en fjötrar renna.

Enn gjörðu þeir annan miklu meira eld, sveldir af harmi, bjóðandi fljóði mein hyrjar. Svá æsilig var eisa elds, að hvert bandið þellu hringa brennr af brúði, en fjötrar renna.

Again they made another, much larger fire, bloated with anger, offering the woman harm from the burning. So furious was the glow of the fire, that every band of the fir of rings [WOMAN] burns off the lady, and the fetters melt.



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