Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv I 21VII/5 — ýtar ‘The impellers’

Öld af fjandskap fyldiz
fljótt, er sýndi dróttinn
vægð, og virðar sögðu
villir sín á milli:
‘Eldsneyti hafa ýtar
oflítið gjört rítar,
því hefir minst in mjóva
mengrund af kvöl brunnið.’

Öld fyldiz fljótt af fjandskap, er dróttinn sýndi vægð, og villir virðar sögðu á milli sín: ‘Ýtar rítar hafa gjört oflítið eldsneyti, því hefir in mjóva mengrund brunnið minst af kvöl.’

People were quickly filled with animosity when the Lord showed mercy, and erring men said among themselves: ‘The impellers of the shield [WARRIORS] have prepared too little firewood, therefore the slender necklace-ground [WOMAN] has burned the least with torment.’


[5, 6] ýtar rítar ‘the impellers of the shield [WARRIORS]’: ‘rítri’ (so 721) is not an ON word. The form has been emended to rítar (f. gen. sg.) ‘of the shield’ to provide a determinant for ýtar ‘impellers, pushers’ in keeping with other eds. For rítar ‘of the shield’ as a determinant in a kenning for ‘man’, see Mv III 4/1. Otherwise, ýtar in itself can mean ‘men’ in general.



case: nom.
number: pl.


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