Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mdr 23VII/8 —  ‘…’

Heil sierðu, mildra meyja
mildust, en þier vildi
fylgja hugr … helgum
hirðar himna dýrðum.
Hef eg alls konar illum
afgerðum mig vafðan;
sönn, kom þú sálu minni
gnótt, í frið dróttins.

Heil sierðu, mildust mildra meyja, en hugr … vildi fylgja þier helgum dýrðum hirðar himna. Eg hef vafðan mig alls konar illum afgerðum; sönn gnótt, kom þú sálu minni í frið dróttins.

Hail be to you, most merciful of merciful maidens, and the mind … would wish to accompany you with the holy glories of the retinue of the heavens [ANGELS]. I have embroiled myself in all kinds of wicked deeds; true -abundance, bring my soul into the peace of the Lord.


[8] gnótt: ‘[...]r gnott’ B, ‘[...]gnótt’ 399a‑bˣ, BFJ, ‘(s) [...] gnott’(?) BRydberg


[8] …gnótt ‘…-abundance’: It is not possible to read more of the first syllable of the first word in B than an <r> preceding gnótt. Initial <s> is confirmed by the alliteration. Rydberg (1907, 36 n. 7) notes traces of possible s…grgnótt and tentatively reconstructs sigrgnótt ‘abundance of victory’. Jón Sigurðsson (note to 444ˣ transcript) suggests reconstruction to sælugnótt ‘abundance of bliss’.



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