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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 52VII/6 — dróttinn ‘lord’

Mæztr, lát merki crúcis,
minn lausnari, skína,
örr, í atferð várri
alla stund á grundu,
svá at eilífrar, jöfra,
óttlaust með þér, dróttinn,
eigniz æztan fögnuð
unaðs vistar lið kristit.

Mæztr, örr lausnari minn, lát merki crúcis skína í várri atferð alla stund á grundu, svá at kristit lið eigniz óttlaust með þér, dróttinn jöfra, æztan fögnuð eilífrar vistar unaðs.

My most glorious, bountiful Saviour, let the sign of the Cross shine in our conduct every hour on earth, so that the Christian host might obtain without fear along with you, lord of princes [= God], the highest joy of the eternal abode of happiness.


[5-6] dróttinn jöfra ‘lord of princes [= God (= Christ)]’: The exact kenning occurs elsewhere only of an earthly king, in Sturl Hryn 13/3II, but cf. (of God) konungr jöfra ‘king of princes’ Líkn 20/4 and vísa dróttinn ‘lord of princes’ EGils Guðv 10/6IV. — [6] óttlaust með þér dróttinn ‘without fear with you, lord’: Restoration based upon 399a-bˣ; the ‘ó’ (all but the accent of which is now lost in a lacuna) was legible in 1973 when the present ed. first worked with the poem and can still be seen in photographs from that time. Cf. Óttlaust með sér dróttinn, Mdr 43/6. Kock (NN §2113) translates óttlaust as förvisso ‘assuredly’.



case: nom.


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