Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 37VII/1 — lamb ‘Lamb’

Sæfðu lamb guðs lofðar
ljóst (hafa þess í brjóstum)
ok ert enn í slíku
altári (lög sára),
því at lautviðir létu
lastbundnir helgasta
linns, þá er lausn gaf mönnum,
lífs fórn á þik borna.

Lofðar sæfðu ljóst lamb guðs — hafa þess lög sára í brjóstum — ok ert enn altári í slíku, því at lastbundnirlinns lautviðir létu helgasta fórn lífs, þá er gaf mönnum lausn, borna á þik.

Men slaughtered the radiant Lamb of God — they have its sea of wounds [BLOOD] in their breasts — and you are still an altar in such [offering], for sin-bound trees of the serpent’s dell [(lit. ‘dell-trees of the serpent’) GOLD > MEN] caused the holiest sacrifice of life, that which gave men liberation, to be placed upon you.


[1] lamb: so 399a‑bˣ, ‘[...]amb’ B


[1] lamb guðs ‘Lamb of God’: Restoration of <l> based upon 399a-bˣ and alliteration; a kenning-like formulation from Lat. agnus Dei, based on John I.29.



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