Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 35VII/3 — af ‘from’

Bezt ert brú til ástar,
brýn þó at torgeng sýniz
gumna kind, af grundu
guðs þrælum fullsælum.
rir ganga þik fyrðar
fimir í lið til himna;
hallaz af þér, er illrar
óvenju til spenjaz.

Ert bezt brú til ástar af grundu fullsælum þrælum guðs, brýn þó at sýniz torgeng kind gumna. Færir fyrðar, fimir í lið, ganga þik til himna; hallaz af þér, er spenjaz til illrar óvenju.

You are the best bridge to love from earth for the fully blessed servants of God, though you seem conspicuous, difficult to traverse for the children of men. Capable men, agile in limb, traverse you to the heavens; they fall off you who are allured to evil misconduct.



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