Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 34VII/7 — þín ‘your’

Stigi nefniz þú stafna
stálfríðundum smíði
traustr af tvennrar ástar
— tek ek minni þess — kinnum.
Framm kemr hverr á himna
hræskóðs ok fær góða
stétt, þá er stig þín hittir,
styrjar lundr af grundu.

Þú nefniz stigi, traustr af kinnum tvennrar ástar, smíði stafna stálfríðundum; ek tek minni þess. Hverr lundr styrjar hræskóðs kemr framm ok fær góða stétt af grundu á himna, þá er hittir þín stig.

You are called a ladder, trusty on account of side-poles of twofold love, a smith-work of stems for prow-adorners [SEAFARERS]; I take remembrance of this. Each tree of the tumult of the corpse-scathe [WEAPON > BATTLE > WARRIOR] advances and receives a good pathway from the earth to the heavens, when he gains your steps.


[7] þín stig ‘your steps’: The only occurrence of stig in poetry; Skald, construing acc. sg. of stigr m. ‘pathway’, emends þín to þinn.



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