Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 15VII/3 — af ‘from’

Þoldi halshögg hölda
hildingr með spýtingum;
vörðr hlaut fróns af fyrðum
flest skaup ok kinnhesta.
Hann bar hneyxl af mönnum
hverja lund ok stundir
— píndr var hann berr ok bundinn
barðr — viðfarar harðar.

Hildingr hölda þoldi halshögg með spýtingum; fróns vörðr hlaut af fyrðum flest skaup ok kinnhesta. Hann bar hneyxl hverja lund af mönnum ok harðar stundir viðfarar; berr var hann píndr ok barðr, bundinn.

The king of men [RULER = Christ] endured neck-blows along with spittings; earth’s guardian [RULER = Christ] received from men extreme mockery and slaps. He bore disgrace in every way from men and hard hours of mistreatment; bare, he was tortured and bound, beaten.



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