Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 45VII/1 — drótt ‘The company’

Nú skal drótt á lok líta
— lopthjalms dǫgum optar
dýrkim dǫglings verka
dáðhress — bragar þessa.
Heim laði dýrr frá dómi
dags hallar gramr allan
— þjóð hjali kersk of kvæði —
kristinn lýð til vistar.

Nú skal drótt líta á lok bragar þessa; dýrkim dǫgum optar verka dáðhress dǫglings lopthjalms. Dýrr gramr dags hallar laði allan kristinn lýð heim frá dómi til vistar; þjóð hjali kersk of kvæði.

The company shall now look on the end of this poem; let us praise more often than [there are] days the works of the deed-hearty king of the sky-helmet [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]. May the glorious prince of day’s hall [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)] invite all Christian folk home from judgement to his dwelling place; may people chatter cheerfully about the poem.


[1] drótt ‘company’: In skaldic court poetry, drótt refers to a king’s or earl’s retinue, but here the nature of the poet’s audience is not courtly. It is probably most likely to be monastic or ecclesiastical, but it may be a lay or mixed audience.



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