Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 43VII/1 — Réð ‘gave’

Réð með oss, at óði
— es fróðr, sás vensk góðu —
greitt, hvé grundvǫll settak,
gǫfugr prestr at hlut mestum.
Orð* mun allra verða
auðsætt, bragar þætti,
ramligt hús þars reistum,
Rúnolfr, hvé fekk snúnat.

Gǫfugr prestr réð greitt með oss at mestum hlut, hvé settak grundvǫll at óði; es fróðr, sás vensk góðu. Orð* allra mun verða auðsætt, þars reistum ramligt hús, Rúnolfr, hvé fekk snúnat þætti bragar.

A noble priest readily gave us [me] advice, for the most part, about how I should establish the foundation of the poem; he is wise who accustoms himself to what is good. The words of all will become readily apparent, where we [I] raised a strong building, Rúnolfr, how I was able to compose the poem [lit. weave together the strand of the poem].



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