Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 41VII/4 — heim ‘world’

Haldi oss frá eldi
eilífr skapa deilir
Kristr styrkr ok myrkrum
menn, es heim líðr þenna,
svát ǫll í frið fullan
farim heim, es skilr beima
alls stýrandi, órum
óttalaus með dróttni.

Eilífr deilir skapa, styrkr Kristr, haldi oss menn frá eldi ok myrkrum, es líðr þenna heim, svát farim ǫll heim í fullan frið, óttalaus með órum dróttni, es stýrandi alls skilr beima.

May the eternal ruler of fates [= God (= Christ)], powerful Christ, keep us men from fire and darkness, when this world passes away, so that we may all go home into complete peace, fearlessly with our Lord, when the steerer of all [= God] divides men.


[4, 6] heim ‘[this] world, place of abode’, heim (adv.) ‘home, homewards’: The poet plays on the similarity between these two words and the disparity between the first, which refers to the temporal world, and the second, which holds out the prospect of heavenly bliss.



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