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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 27VII/1 — dróttinn ‘The Lord’

Sinn veitti dag dróttinn
dýr tôkn himins stýrir,
lýð þás lítlu brauði
lofkvaddan goð saddi.
Rǫskr vann fljótt af fiskum
friðkennandi tvennum
fjǫlða lýðs ok fríðum
fimm hleifum vel reifan.

Dróttinn, stýrir himins, veitti dýr tôkn dag sinn, þás goð saddi lofkvaddan lýð lítlu brauði. Rǫskr friðkennandi vann fljótt fjǫlða lýðs vel reifan af tvennum fiskum ok fimm fríðum hleifum.

The Lord, steerer of heaven [= God], granted precious tokens on his day, when God fed the famous multitude with little bread. The valiant peace-bringer [= God (= Christ)] quickly made a multitude of people very happy with two fishes and five beautiful loaves.


[1]: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B), followed by Kock (Skald), emends to Sín veitti dag dróttins, construing sín with dýr tkn (l. 2) ‘his precious tokens’. Dróttins is construed with dag, to give himins stýrir veitti dag dróttins sín dýr tkn ‘the steerer of heaven granted his precious tokens on the day of the Lord’.



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