Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 17VII/1 — ræðr ‘rules’

Hás ræðr heimi þessum
hreggranns jǫfurr — seggjum
goð lætr gótt líf ǫðlask
gœzkufimr — sem himnum.
Lúta englar ítrum
óttlaust ok lið dróttni;
einn es siklingr sunnu
setrs hvívetna betri.

Jǫfurr hás hreggranns ræðr þessum heimi sem himnum; goð, gœzkufimr, lætr seggjum ǫðlask gótt líf. Englar ok lið lúta óttlaust ítrum dróttni; siklingr setrs sunnu es einn betri hvívetna.

The prince of the high storm-house [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] rules this world as well as the heavens; God, agile of grace, makes it possible for men to achieve a good life. Angels and people bow down fearlessly before the glorious Lord; the king of the seat of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] is alone better than everything else.



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