Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 16VII/8 — sótti* ‘proceeded’

Reiddi rǫngum studdan
ramn þjóðtraðar Glamma
flóð, áðr foldu næði
fjǫlkœnn Nói grœnni,
en, þás ǫrk á landi
ólesta vel festi,
þjóð af þram-Val prúðum
— þat vas dróttins dag — sótti*.

Flóð reiddi rǫngum studdan ramn þjóðtraðar Glamma, áðr fjǫlkœnn Nói næði grœnni foldu, en, þás ǫrk festi vel ólesta á landi, sótti* þjóð af prúðum þram-Val; þat vas dróttins dag.

A flood tossed the rib-supported raven of the highway of Glammi <sea-king> [SEA > SHIP], before very wise Noah could reach green land, and once the Ark was moored quite unbroken to the land, the people proceeded from the magnificent rim-Valr <horse> [SHIP]; that was on the Lord’s day.


[8] sótti*: ‘sottizt’ B, 624



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