Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 14VII/8 — mildr ‘generous’

Yfirþengill skóp engla
einn sunnudag hreina;
sǫnn hefr siklingr unnit
slík verk himinríkis.
Ok heimstýrir, harra,
heppinn, þás skóp skepnu
þann setti dag, dróttinn
dýrðar mildr, til hvílðar.

Einn yfirþengill skóp hreina engla sunnudag; siklingr himinríkis hefr unnit slík sǫnn verk; ok heppinn heimstýrir setti þann dag til hvílðar, þás dróttinn harra, dýrðar mildr, skóp skepnu.

The one overlord created the pure angels on a Sunday; the king of the heaven-kingdom [= God] has performed true deeds such as these; and the fortunate world-ruler [= God] established that day for rest, when the lord of lords [= God], generous in glory, brought creation into being



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