Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 12VII/5 — Orð ‘The words’

Án megu engir dýnu
otrs, þeirs skírn hafa hlotna,
— gótts meiðum þrif þýðask —
þat —kaup hafa skatnar.
Orð munu eigi verða
órbrennd, þaus goð kenndi;
mjǫks sá*rvita sœkir
sanns dulðr, ef hyggr annat.

Engir skatnar dýnu otrs, þeirs hafa hlotna skírn, megu hafa þat án kaup; gótts meiðum þýðask þrif. Orð, þaus goð kenndi, munu eigi verða órbrennd; sœkir sá*rvita [e]s mjǫk dulðr sanns, ef hyggr annat.

No chieftains of the feather-bed of the otter [GOLD > MEN], who have received baptism, may have that [baptism] without a bargain; it is good for men to acquire well-being. The words that God taught will never be destroyed; the attacker of the wound-flame [SWORD > WARRIOR] has the truth very much concealed from him, if he thinks otherwise.



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