Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kálf Kátr 38VII/4 — af ‘off’

Æðin hljóp í plátu prýði;
pína bauð hann drotning sína;
brjóstin skáru blóta lystir
baugs spennandar lífs af henni.
Tiggi liet þá tróðu höggva
tálgjarnastur Iðja mála;
sálin giet eg, að hennar hvíli
himna Krists í dýrðarvistum.

Æðin hljóp í prýði plátu; hann bauð drotning sína pína; blóta lystir spennandar baugs skáru brjóstin af henni lífs. Tálgjarnastur tiggi liet þá tróðu mála Iðja höggva; eg giet, að sálin hennar hvíli í dýrðarvistum Krists himna.

Anger overtook the adorner of harness [WARRIOR]; he requested that his queen be tortured; the sacrifice-keen squanderers of the ring [GENEROUS MEN] cut the breasts off her while she was alive. The very deceit-inclined king then had the stick of the speech of Iði <giant> [GOLD > WOMAN] slain; I expect that her soul rests in the glorious abodes of Christ’s heavens.



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