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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kálf Kátr 36VII/3 — allrar ‘of all’

‘Öllum hlutum er æðri og sælli
Jésús Kristr, en fie og listir
umgeypnandi allrar skepnu
er veitandi manni hverjum.
Hirðir blessar himna dýrðar
hljómraddaðr á efsta dómi
— sunnudagr er þá — sínum mönnum;’
svá greinir það mærin hreina.

‘Jésús Kristr er æðri og sælli öllum hlutum, en umgeypnandi allrar skepnu er veitandi hverjum manni fie og listir. Hirðir dýrðar himna blessar hljómraddaðr sínum mönnum á efsta dómi; sunnudagr er þá’; svá greinir hreina mærin það.

‘Jesus Christ is higher and more blessed than anything else, and the holder [in his hands] of all creation [= God] grants each man wealth and skills. The shepherd of the glory of the heavens [= God] blesses in a loud voice his men at the Last Judgement; it is then Sunday’; thus the pure maiden explains it.


[3] umgeypnandi allrar skepnu ‘the holder [in his hands] of all creation’: A kenning for God as pantocrator; cf. ESk Geisl 16/7-8 umgeypnandi alls heims ‘holder in his hands of all the world’.




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