Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 86VII/3 — svá ‘also’

Örr at kenna        skalt þú öðrum gott
        ok svá nýtr at nema;
mörgum dugir,        sá er at mannviti kenniz;
        veitir gott ráð gum*um.

Þú skalt örr at kenna öðrum gott ok svá nýtr at nema; dugir mörgum, sá er kenniz at mannviti; veitir gum*um gott ráð.

You must be generous in teaching good to others and also capable in learning; he helps many, who acknowledges reason; he gives people good advice.


[3] svá nýtr: kosta nýtt 624


[2]: The reading of 1199ˣ svá nýtr in the second l. might have been influenced by Hsv 132.



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