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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 44VII/3 —  ‘nor’

Fé þik eigi tæla lát,        þótt þér fagrt sýniz,
         til síngirnu snúi;
annars eign        girniz illr at hafa;
        sæll er, sá er sínu unir.

Lát eigi fé tæla þik, snúi til síngirnu, þótt sýniz þér fagrt; illr girniz annars eign at hafa; sæll er, sá er unir sínu.

Do not let money entice you nor turn [you] to covetousness, although it may seem attractive to you; a bad person desires to own another’s possession; he is fortunate, who is content with his own.


[3] til síngirnu snúi: so 624, þat til þín girnd snúiz 1199ˣ, þó þér komi girnd í geð 723aˣ, ‘[...] snuazt’ 696XV, eða til sinkr snúiz 401ˣ


[3] né snúi til síngirnu ‘nor turn [you] to covetousness’: 624’s reading is taken here following Skj B. Although it differs substantially from the other mss, they all have problems. 1199ˣ’s reading þat snúiz til þín girnd ‘it may turn desire to you’ alliterates somewhat irregularly on þat and þín and could be corrupt; additionally, snúaz cannot take an acc. object. Hermann Pálsson bases his text on 401ˣ, which requires emendation: eða til sínku snúisk ‘or turn [you] to covetousness’. 696XV has a lacuna. 723aˣ has yet another version: þó þér komi girnd í geð ‘although desire comes to your mind’, but does not fit very well semantically with the previous ll. Skj takes 624’s version but emends síngirnu (from síngirna) to síngirni, although the former is attested.



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