Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 37VII/4 — minztu ‘remember’

Öreign þína        lát þér eigi gera
        harðan hugtrega;
minztu þess,        er þik móðir bar,
        svát þér fylgdi eigi fé.

Lát eigi öreign þína gera þér harðan hugtrega; minztu þess, er þik móðir bar, svát þér fylgdi eigi fé.

Do not let your destitution cause you severe heartbreak; remember this, that your mother bore you [i.e. gave birth to you] in such a way that no money came with you.


[4] minztu þess: þat þú minnz 723aˣ, þú þat minnz 696XV, ‘þess þ[...]’ 401ˣ, ‘hins þu minn[...]’ 624



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