Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 34VII/6 — trúa ‘trust’

Við meinum varna        skaltu á margan veg,
        þótt þú sért fullsterkr at fé;
margr er sá aumr,        er aurum ræðr;
        ilt er auði at trúa.

Skaltu varna við meinum á margan veg, þótt þú sért fullsterkr at fé; margr er sá aumr, er ræðr aurum; ilt er at trúa auði.

You must beware of harm in many a way, although you are very well off with money; many a one is poor who possesses money; it is bad to trust in wealth.


[6] ilt er auði at trúa: ilt er at trúa auð 723aˣ, ‘[...]d at trua’ 696XV, ilt er auð at trúa 401ˣ, ok verðr varr sanns 624



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