Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 23VII/1 — Blíðr ‘friendly’

Blíðr þú vert        en stundum bráðskapaðr,
        ef geraz þarfir þess;
vel má þat verða        at skipti vitr maðr geði,
        þótt hann lastvarr lifi.

Vert þú blíðr en stundum bráðskapaðr, ef geraz þarfir þess; þat má vel verða, at vitr maðr skipti geði, þótt hann lifi lastvarr.

Be friendly but sometimes of hasty disposition if it becomes necessary; it can well happen, that a wise man becomes angry, although he lives virtuously.


[1]: The advice to be blíðr ‘affable’ or blíðmæltr ‘affable, bland’ is also given in Hsv 8 and 90.



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