Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 13VII/6 — eigi ‘neither’

Ráðhollr ok réttdæmr        ok í reiði stiltr,
        mæltu eigi við ýta ilt;
kostum þú safna,        ok kynn þik við góða menn;
        vinn eigi löst né lygi.

Ráðhollr ok réttdæmr ok stiltr í reiði, mæltu eigi ilt við ýta; safna þú kostum, ok kynn þik við góða menn; vinn eigi löst né lygi.

Loyal in advice and just in judgement and moderate in anger, do not speak evil to men; gather virtues and make friends with good men; cultivate neither vices nor lies.



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