Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Hsv 121VII/6 — æ ‘always’

Almanna lof        ef þú eignaz vilt
        ok heita góðr með gum*um,
annars ógæfu        fagna þú aldrigi;
        sé þín æ at góðu getit.

Ef þú vilt eignaz almanna lof ok heita góðr með gum*um, fagna þú aldrigi ógæfu annars; sé þín æ getit at góðu.

If you want to acquire general praise and be called good among men, never rejoice in another’s misfortune; always be mentioned as good.


[6] þín æ: æ sé þin 723aˣ, ger þér 624


[6]: The l. in 624 (also Skj B, Skald) reads: ger þér at góðu gaman ‘take pleasure in what is good’.



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