Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Heildr 9VII/6 — undir ‘beneath’

Mærr valdi gefr mildi
meinlausum her beinan
guðs, þeim er grimmu niðrar
grandi hræzlu, anda.
Sú er prýðigjöf góðum
grundvöllr stöðugr undir
(náir gipt, er krefr) kröptum
(Krist af hjarta tvistu).

Mærr valdi mildi gefr meinlausum her, þeim er niðrar grimmu grandi hræzlu, beinan anda guðs. Sú prýðigjöf er stöðugr grundvöllr undir góðum kröptum; náir gipt, er krefr Krist af tvistu hjarta.

The great ruler of mercy [= God] gives the sinless army, which supresses terrible damage through fear, the helpful spirit of God. That magnificent gift is a secure foundation beneath good powers; he will obtain grace who calls on Christ from a repentant [lit. sorrowful] heart.



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