Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Gyð 3VII/7 — af ‘of’

Hvarf er þeim, er þurfa,
þingnárungum, váru,
branda rjóðr í bráðar
brynflagð*a nauðsynjar.
Fekk strandloga stökkvir
stígverjanda hverjum
fráns af fjárhlut sínum
fullar hendr, meðan endiz.

Rjóðr branda er hvarf þeim brynflagð*a þingnárungum, er váru þurfa, í bráðar nauðsynjar. Stökkvir strandloga fekk hverjum fráns stígverjanda hendr fullar af fjárhlut sínum, meðan endiz.

The reddener of swords [WARRIOR] is a support for those beings of the assembly of the trolls of the mailcoat [(lit. ‘assembly-beings of the mailcoat-trolls’) AXES > BATTLE > WARRIORS] who were poor, in cases of sudden need. The flinger of shore-flame [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] gave every defender of the path of the snake [(lit. ‘snake’s path-defender’) GOLD > MAN] hands full of his wealth, while it lasted.



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