Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Andr 4VII/7 — prýddr ‘adorned’

*Ostía Jésú Kristi
ágætast fekk sæti;
Andréam sier til yndis
almáttigr guð valdi
— mítis má hann því heita
meginpostulinn kostum
prýddr — og giftu gæddi;
guðs er hann kross á þandur.

*Ostía Jésú Kristi fekk ágætast sæti; almáttigr guð valdi Andréam sier til yndis og gæddi giftu; hann má því heita mítis, meginpostulinn prýddr kostum; hann er þandur á guðs kross.

The martyr of Jesus Christ [= Andrew] obtained a most excellent place; almighty God chose Andrew for his delight and endowed him with grace; he may therefore be called gentle, the chief Apostle adorned with virtues; he is stretched onto God’s cross.



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