Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 9I/8 — skeið

Kátr vask opt, þás úti
ǫrðigt veðr á fjǫrðum
vísa segl í vási
vindblásit skóf Strinda.
Hestr óð kafs at kostum;
kilir ristu men Lista,
út þás eisa létum
undan skeiðr at sundi.

Vask opt kátr, þás ǫrðigt veðr úti á fjǫrðum skóf vindblásit segl vísa Strinda í vási. Hestr kafs óð at kostum; kilir ristu men Lista, þás létum skeiðr eisa undan út at sundi.

I was often cheerful when a harsh wind out in the fjords raked the wind-blown sail of the ruler of the Strindir [NORWEGIAN KING = Óláfr] in a drenching storm. The horse of the deep [SHIP] advanced at a fine pace; the keels cleft the necklace of Lista [SEA] when we let the warships dash away out at sea.



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