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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÚlfrU Húsdr 1III/3 — Grímnis ‘of Grímnir’

Hjaldrgegnis telk Hildar
hugreifum Ôleifi
(hann vilk at gjǫf Grímnis)
geðfjarðar lô (kveðja).

Telk hugreifum Ôleifi lô geðfjarðar Hildar hjaldrgegnis; vilk kveðja hann at gjǫf Grímnis.

I recite the water of the mind-fjord [BREAST] of the promoter of the noise of Hildr <valkyrie> [(lit. ‘noise-promoter of Hildr’) BATTLE > = Óðinn > POEM] for the glad-hearted Óláfr; I want to summon him to the gift of Grímnir <= Óðinn> [POEM].


[3] Grímnis: ‘[…]nis’ U


[3] Grímnis ‘of Grímnir <= Óðinn>’: On this name for the god, see Note to Þul Óðins 1/7. — [3, 4] vilk kveðja hann at gjǫf Grímnis ‘I want to summon him to the gift of Grímnir <= Óðinn>’: This is a special formula for an invitation to listen to the poem which occurs in several opening stanzas, e.g. in Steinn Frag 1/2 (for other examples see Note there).




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