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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 34III/4 — síka ‘of the fishes’

Akr verðk opt fyr sjúkri
eyfitja þó sitja
— rjóð es mér in mæra
menbrík — Njǫrun síka
heiðis fylgjask hauðri
(hauk tínik svá) mínu
(setrs leitandi sútar
slœgr á hverju dœgri).

Verðk þó opt sitja akr fyr sjúkri Njǫrun síka eyfitja – in mæra menbrík es mér rjóð – fylgjask mínu hauðri heiðis; tínik svá hauk, slœgr, leitandi setrs sútar á hverju dœgri.

I nonetheless often have to sit in my ploughed field [= (salr ‘hall’)] beside the sick Njǫrun <goddess> of the fishes of the island-meadows [SERPENTS (hringar ‘rings’) > WOMAN] – the excellent neck-ring-table [WOMAN] looks red to me – to be with my land of the hawk [ARM/HAND (mund ‘dowry’)]; I proclaim in this way my hawk [= (harmr ‘sorrow’)], cunning, looking for the seat of grief every day.


[2, 4] síka eyfitja ‘of the fishes of the island-meadows [SERPENTS (hringar ‘rings’)]’: The word-play here is on hringar (sg. hringr), which can mean both ‘rings’ and ‘serpents’ (hringr is a heiti for ‘serpent’; see Þul Orma 2/7).



case: gen.
number: pl.


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