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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Hákdr 1I/4 — véum ‘sanctuaries’

Byggði lǫnd, en lunda
lék orð á því, forðum
Gamla kind, sús granda,
gunnborðs, véum þorði.
Nús afrendra jǫfra
Ullr geirvaðils þeira
sóknar hvatr at setri
settr hverjum gram betri.

Kind Gamla, sús þorði granda véum, byggði forðum lǫnd, en orð lunda gunnborðs lék á því. Nús Ullr geirvaðils, hvatr sóknar, betri hverjum gram, settr at setri þeira afrendra jǫfra.

The kin of Gamli [= Eiríkssynir], who dared to destroy sanctuaries, once occupied the lands, and the talk of the trees of the battle-board [SHIELD > WARRIORS] was about that. Now the Ullr <god> of the spear-ford [SHIELD > WARRIOR = Hákon jarl], bold in battle, better than any ruler, is established upon the seat of those powerful princes.


[4] véum: ‘venin’ FskAˣ, 52ˣ, 301ˣ


[3, 4] granda véum ‘to destroy sanctuaries’: Eiríkr blóðøx and his sons were repeatedly blamed for having destroyed heathen sanctuaries, e.g. Egill Lv 21V (Eg 28).



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