Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Gldr 3I/8 — dǫglinga ‘rulers’

Hrjóðr lét hæstrar tíðar
harðráðr skipa bǫrðum
bôru fáks ins bleika
barnungr á lǫg þrungit,
þar svát barsk at borði
(borðhǫlkvi rak norðan)
hlífar valdr til hildar
(hregg) dǫglinga tveggja.

Harðráðr hrjóðr ins bleika fáks bôru lét barnungr hæstrar tíðar þrungit bǫrðum skipa á lǫg, svát valdr hlífar barsk þar at borði til hildar tveggja dǫglinga; hregg rak borðhǫlkvi norðan.

The hard-ruling clearer of the pale horse of the wave [SHIP > SEA-WARRIOR = Haraldr], [when] child-young, had ships’ prows put out to sea at the best time, so that the owner of the shield [WARRIOR = Haraldr] travelled on board there into battle against two rulers; the storm drove the plank-horse [SHIP] from the north.


[8] tveggja dǫglinga ‘against two rulers’: According to Hkr, the two rulers are Húnþjófr and Nǫkkvi, defeated at the battle of Sólskel (Solskjel). But Fsk associates the stanzas with the battle at Hafrsfjorðr (Hafrsfjorden) and names the two opponents as Kjǫtvi inn auðgi ‘the Wealthy’ and Haklangr.



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