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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hallv Knútdr 3III/7 — mans ‘girl’

Knútr, lézt framm til Fljóta
— frægr leið vǫrðr of ægi
heiptsnarr hildar leiptra —
harðbrynjuð skip dynja.
Ullar lézt við Ellu
ættleifð ok mô reifðir
sverðmans snyrtiherðir
sundviggs flota bundit.

Knútr, lézt harðbrynjuð skip dynja framm til Fljóta; frægr, heiptsnarr vǫrðr leiptra hildar leið of ægi. Snyrtiherðir Ullar sundviggs, lézt flota bundit við ættleifð Ellu ok reifðir mô sverðmans.

Knútr, you caused your hard-armoured ships to rush forward to Fljót; the famous, battle-bold guardian of the lightnings of battle [SWORDS > WARRIOR] glided across the sea. Splendid strengthener of Ullr’s <god’s> sea-horse [SHIP > SHIELD > WARRIOR], you had your fleet moored in the patrimony of Ælla [= England], and you gladdened the gull of the sword-girl [VALKYRIE > RAVEN/EAGLE].


[7] ‑mans: so 41ˣ, ‘‑mannz’ all others


[7] sverðmans ‘of the sword-girl [VALKYRIE]’: In eds where emendation is made to Ullr sundviggs, and hence the ms. reading snyrti-Gerðar is preserved (see Note to ll. 5-8 above), the reading sverðmanns ‘of the sword-man’ must be preferred, giving the kenning mô snyrti-Gerðar sverðmanns ‘the gull of the splendid Gerðr of the sword-man [WARRIOR > VALKYRIE > RAVEN]’. However, it is debatable whether sverðmaðr is an acceptable warrior-kenning and, at any rate, the emendation Ullar > Ullr results in an unmetrical line (see Note to ll. 5-8 above).



case: gen.


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