Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞKolb Eirdr 14I/1 — gunni ‘battle’

Gollkennir lét gunni
(grœðis hests) fyr vestan
(Þundr vá leyfðr til landa)
Lundún saman bundit.
Fekk, — regn Þorins rekka
rann — of þingamǫnnum,
ýglig hǫgg, þars eggjar,
Ulfkell, bláar skulfu.

Gollkennir lét bundit saman gunni fyr vestan Lundún; leyfðr Þundr hests grœðis vá til landa. Ulfkell fekk ýglig hǫgg, þars bláar eggjar skulfu of þingamǫnnum; regn rekka Þorins rann.

The gold-master [GENEROUS MAN = Eiríkr] joined battle west of London; the celebrated Þundr <= Óðinn> of the horse of the sea [SHIP > SEAFARER = Eiríkr] won lands by fighting. Ulfcytel received terrible blows, where dark blades shook over the þingamenn; the rain of the men of Þorinn <dwarf> [DWARFS > POETRY] streamed.


[1] gunni: ‘gúni’ R686ˣ, golli 61(81ra)



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