Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞKolb Eirdr 9I/6 — orð ‘words’

Veitk, fyr Erling útan
ár at hersar vôru
(lofak fasta Tý) flestir
(farlands) vinir jarla.
Enn ept víg frá Veigu
— velk orð at styr — norðan
land eða lengra stundu
lagðisk suðr til Agða.

Veitk, at flestir hersar, fyr útan Erling, vôru ár vinir jarla; lofak Tý fasta farlands. Enn ept víg lagðisk land norðan frá Veigu suðr til Agða eða stundu lengra; velk orð at styr.

I know that most hersar, other than Erlingr, were previously friends of the jarls; I praise the Týr <god> of the fire of the vessel-land [SEA > GOLD > MAN = Eiríkr]. And after the battle the land was subjected from Vega in the north south as far as Agder or somewhat further; I choose words about the battle.


[6] velk orð at styr ‘I choose words about the battle’: (a) This, the reading of all Hkr and ÓT mss except for Flat, is also adopted in ÍF 26 and Hkr 1991. (b) Vants orð at styr ‘careful is [my] word about the battle’ in the SnE mss and vants orð of gram ‘careful is [my] word about the ruler’ in Fsk are both possible alternative intercalaries. (c) Finnur Jónsson (Hkr 1893-1901; Skj B) and Kock (Skald) take velk orð ‘I choose words’ as the intercalary, and read und gram norðan, as a slightly emended version of FskAˣ’s of (‘um’) gram norðan, which they construe with the main clause to give en ept víg lagðisk land und gram norðan frá Veigu … ‘and after the battle the land was placed under the ruler from Vega in the north…’. Und gram provides a suitable completion for lagðisk ‘was placed, subdued’, but emendation is not justified here.



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