Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Glúmr Gráf 13I/2 — stýrðu ‘guided’

Þar vas — þrafna byrjar
þeim stýrðu goð Beima —
sjalfr í sœkialfi
sigtýr Atals dýra.

Þar vas sigtýr sjalfr í sœkialfi dýra Atals; goð stýrðu þeim Beima þrafna byrjar.

There the victory-god [= Óðinn] himself was in the attacking elf of the animals of Atall <sea-king> [SHIPS > SEA-WARRIOR = Haraldr]; the gods guided that Beimi <sea-king> of the stave of the fair wind [SHIP > SEA-WARRIOR = Haraldr].


[2] goð stýrðu ‘the gods guided’: The verb stýra ‘steer, guide’ is similarly used to affirm that Hákon jarl was guided by the gods in Eskál Vell 14/7 and 31/6 (noted in Marold 2005a, 127).



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