Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Glúmr Gráf 7I/1 — Braut ‘waged’

Braut við brynju njóta
bág rifjunga Sôgu
— naddskúrar vas nœrir —
Nóregs konungr stóra.
Valgaltar lét velta
vargfœðandi marga
— ofvægjum réð jǫfri —
jafnborna sér þorna.

Konungr Nóregs braut bág Sôgu rifjunga við stóra njóta brynju; vas nœrir naddskúrar. Vargfœðandi lét marga þorna valgaltar, jafnborna sér, velta; réð ofvægjum jǫfri.

The king of Norway [= Haraldr] waged the strife of the Sága <goddess> of swords [VALKYRIE > BATTLE] against mighty users of the mail-shirt [WARRIORS]; he was a nourisher of the point-shower [BATTLE > WARRIOR]. The wolf-feeder [WARRIOR] made many thorn-trees of the slaughter-boar [HELMET > WARRIORS], as well-born as he, topple; he overwhelmed the very powerful prince.



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