Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Glúmr Gráf 6I/7 — ǫðlingi ‘prince’

Austr rauð jǫfra þrýstir
orðrakkr fyr bý norðan
brand, þars bjarmskar kindir,
brinnanda, sák rinna.
Gótt hlaut gumna sættir
(geirveðr) í fǫr þeiri
(ǫðlingi fekksk ungum)
orð (á Vínu borði).

Orðrakkr þrýstir jǫfra rauð brinnanda brand austr fyr norðan bý, þars sák bjarmskar kindir rinna. Sættir gumna hlaut gótt orð í þeiri fǫr; geirveðr fekksk ungum ǫðlingi á borði Vínu.

The word-bold crusher of princes [KING = Haraldr] reddened the flashing sword in the east, north of the settlement, where I saw Permian people flee. The reconciler of men [KING = Haraldr] gained a good reputation on that expedition; a spear-storm [BATTLE] was granted to the young prince on the banks of the Dvina.



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