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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 33I/1 — eldum ‘fires’

Hjalmeldum bauð hildi
hjaldrǫrr, með Sigvalda
hinns fór í gný Gunnar,
gunndjarfr Búi, sunnan.

Hjaldrǫrr gunndjarfr Búi, hinns fór með Sigvalda sunnan í gný Gunnar, bauð hildi hjalmeldum.

The fight-eager, battle-daring Búi, the one who travelled from the south with Sigvaldi to the din of Gunnr <valkyrie> [BATTLE], offered battle with helmet-fires [SWORDS].


[1] ‑eldum: so C, om. R, , W, ‑faldinn U, A


[1] hjalmeldum ‘with helmet-fires [SWORDS]’: Line 1 is corrupt in mss R, W and T, which apparently lack a word following hjalm. (a) This is where U and A have ‑faldinn, which most previous eds have chosen, giving adj. hjalmfaldinn ‘wearing a helmet’, qualifying Búi. (b) In Skj B Finnur Jónsson (following Nj 1875-8, II, 78) emends hjalmfaldinn to hjalmfǫldnum, qualifying Sigvalda (l. 2), but emendation is unnecessary. (c) However, none of the previous eds have observed that, whereas SnE cites the stanza as an example of kennings for weapons and armour, their suggested improvements to l. 1 leave the stanza without such a kenning. The original form of the stanza is probably preserved in ms. C, which here gives hjalmeldum ‘helmet-fires [SWORDS]’.



case: dat.
number: pl.


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