Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 28I/4 — saman ‘together’

Þrymr varð logs, þars lǫgðu
leikmiðjungar, Þriðja,
(arngreddir varð) odda
(andvígr) saman randir.
Sundfaxa kom Sǫxum
sœki-Þróttr á flótta,
þars svát gramr með gumnum
garð yrþjóðum varði.

Þrymr logs Þriðja varð, þars odda leikmiðjungar lǫgðu saman randir; arngreddir varð andvígr. Sœki-Þróttr sundfaxa kom Sǫxum á flótta, þars svát gramr varði garð yrþjóðum með gumnum.

The din of the fire of Þriði <= Óðinn> [SWORD > BATTLE] came about, where the miðjungar of the game of arrow-points [(lit. ‘game-miðjungar of arrow-points’) BATTLE > WARRIORS] set their shields together; the eagle-feeder [WARRIOR] became aggressive. The attacking-Þróttr <= Óðinn> of the channel-horses [SHIPS > SEA-WARRIOR = Hákon jarl] drove the Saxons to flight, where the ruler with his men defended the palisade against the troops.



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