Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 27I/8 — vágs ‘of the wave’

Vasat í gǫgn, þótt gerði
garð-Rǫgnir styr harðan,
gengiligt at ganga,
geirrásar, her þeira,
þás með fylki Frísa
fór gunn-Viðurr sunnan
(kvaddi vígs) ok Vinða
(vágs blakkriði) Frakka.

Vasat gengiligt at ganga í gǫgn her þeira, þótt geirrásar garð-Rǫgnir gerði harðan styr, þás gunn-Viðurr fór sunnan með fylki Frísa, Frakka ok Vinða; vágs blakkriði kvaddi vígs.

It was not easy to go against their army, although the Rǫgnir <= Óðinn> of the fence of the spear-onslaught [(lit. ‘fence-Rǫgnir of the spear-onslaught’) BATTLE > SHIELD > WARRIOR = Hákon jarl] made a hard attack, when the battle-Viðurr <= Óðinn> [WARRIOR = Otto II] came from the south with a host of Frisians, Franks and Wends; the rider of the horse of the wave [(lit. ‘horse-rider of the wave’) SHIP > SEAFARER = Hákon jarl] called for battle.




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