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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 21I/1 — Mœra ‘of the Mœrir’

Hitt vas meir, at Mœra
morðfíkinn lét norðan
folkverjandi fyrva
fǫr til Sogns of gǫrva.
Ýtti Freyr af fjórum
folklǫndum — sá branda
Ullr stóð af því allri
yrþjóð — Heðins byrjar.

Hitt vas meir, at morðfíkinn folkverjandi Mœra lét of gǫrva fǫr fyrva norðan til Sogns. Freyr byrjar Heðins ýtti af fjórum folklǫndum; sá Ullr branda stóð af því allri yrþjóð.

It also happened that the battle-eager people-defender of the Mœrir [NORWEGIAN RULER = Hákon jarl] had his men undertake a journey from the north to Sogn. The Freyr <god> of the wind of Heðinn <legendary hero> [BATTLE > WARRIOR] set out from four folklǫnd; that Ullr <god> of swords [WARRIOR] thereby helped the whole people.


[1] Mœra: meira 325VIII 1, mœta 61, FskAˣ, ‘mœ[..]’ 53


[1, 3] folkverjandi Mœra ‘the people-defender of the Mœrir [NORWEGIAN RULER = Hákon jarl]’: Although the kenning could refer to any Norwegian ruler, in this case it is a direct reference to Hákon jarl, who has become the defender of the people of Møre since Ragnfrøðr has occupied the regions bordering it to the south.




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