Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 43I/5 — nema ‘unless’

‘Vilt,’ kvað hringa hreytir
hyggjugegn at Vagni,
‘élsvellandi, yðvart,
Yggjar, líf of þiggja?’
‘Eigi munk, nema efnak,’
(ungr) ‘þat er heit nam strengja,’
(svá kvað Ullr at jarli
egghríðar) ‘fjǫr þiggja.’

Hyggjugegn hreytir hringa kvað at Vagni, ‘Yggjar élsvellandi, vilt of þiggja líf yðvart?’ ‘Eigi munk þiggja fjǫr, nema efnak heit, þat er nam strengja’; svá kvað ungr Ullr egghríðar at jarli.

The thought-steady scatterer of rings [GENEROUS MAN = Eiríkr] said to Vagn, ‘Sweller of the storm of Yggr <= Óðinn> [(lit. ‘storm-sweller of Yggr’) BATTLE > WARRIOR = Vagn], will you accept your life?’ ‘I shall not accept [my] life unless I fulfil the vow that I made’; thus spoke the young Ullr <god> of the blade-storm [BATTLE > WARRIOR = Vagn] to the jarl.


[5] nema efnak (‘nema ek efna’): so 54, Bb, nema efna 61, 53



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